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August 8th, 2012

by Total Food Service

Himalaya International Inc. introduces Fresh Mozzarella di Bufala

Offered under the Bufalabella brand, the preservative, additive, and coloring free product is higher in protein, anti-oxidants and calcium: while being lower in cholesterol than traditional cow's milk mozzarella.

Bufalabella Mozzarella di Bufala has been engineered more for the American pallet and mainstream customer. As a result of producing the products in the United States we guarantee a longer shelf than other brands, immediate availability, no air logistics, and cheaper cost for you and your customers. 

Each tub comes with a Fresh 8 oz. mozzarella ball and there are 12 tubs per case. Please contact Himalaya International Inc. to request a sample or place an order. Or your local sales reps at Sysco, CWI Specialty Foods, or D. Coluccio and Sons.

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