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Ask Andrew - February 2016

Andrew Rigie, Executive Director of The NYC Hospitality Alliance, answers hot topics relating to New York City’s hospitality industry.

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Chipotle’s Food Safety Crisis: 4 Lessons for Restaurants

When customers leave your restaurant, you want them talking about your amazing food and service… not driving the porcelain bus!

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Lessons From Flint For Your Restaurant

Like everybody in the water and hospitality business, I’ve been following the water contamination in Flint, Michigan.

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Valentine’s Day Is Almost Here! Train Your Employees How To Use It To Up-Sell!

Valentine’s Day is an amazing day for the restaurant industry and its employees. It is one of those holidays that is like shooting fish in a barrel. It is a self-described, special day. No guesswork needed and your staff should capitalize on it in more ways than just one.

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A Shrub Is Not A Shrubbery: Rediscovering A Historic Recipe For Cocktails

When is a “shrub”, not a shrub?  When it is a drink, not a plant!  In fact, these aciduated (read vinegar based) beverages are as old as history itself.

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Restaurant Safety: The Back of Your House

Restaurant employees are often hired with very little formal safety training discussed during orientation, and in many cases, rarely thereafter.

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True “Craft” In Craft Coffee

I recently toured Brooklyn to check out many coffee bars purporting to feature “craft coffee.”

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Weeks after New Year’s resolutions have been broken and restaurateurs return from their well-deserved time off in early January, something exciting happens in our business. The buzz of CHANGE…

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Eat Where You Shop

As I always say, Food Follows Fashion and you will find no better example than right here in Manhattan. Dine where you shop without ever having to leave the store…

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A 10-Step Guide: Getting Your Staff Onboard With Your New Restaurant POS

Your staff are on the front lines of your business, so arming them with a powerful POS that can increase their efficiency and enhance customer experience is key to your restaurant’s success.

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