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All Inclusive Eating

At the end of 2014 and I happened to be in Mexico. Isla Mujeres, off the coast of Cancun, to be exact. At one of the best adult-only hotels on the island that offer an all-inclusive plan. All of the food has been wonderful so far.  It is Mexico and it has a twist of Mexico in all of its dishes, but also a twist of the chef behind the dishes because el chef has some great global experience under his belt.

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The Power of Engagement: Educating Employees About Their Benefits Can Maximize Your Bottom Line

Restaurants and food service businesses have traditionally been known for hiring high school and college students. Today, there is a shift in this demographic and restaurants are frequently staffed by adults who join the industry in their late twenties, early thirties, and beyond. This impacts the importance of health care and other benefits, when restaurant candidates are choosing an employer.

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Just One Time

Author’s note: Most of my observations deal with the food service industry. This article does not. Since the government and various agencies do impact our industry in many ways, I think that how the elective process is conducted is important. Its results affect all of us. Thus, the following comments.

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Reading the Glassware Marketplace with Liz Weiss

You've been following the glass market for food service a long time. How has it evolved? What glassware trends did you see in 2014?
When I started in this business Libbey Glass ruled. They were the standard, and a distant second was Anchor Hocking, and to a lesser extent there was Indiana Glass. The standard wine glass was a #3764 8.5 oz red and # 3769 6.5 oz white. 

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Are We Out Of The Woods?

As we enter the start of a new year, we make personal resolutions about our health and happiness. Here are my pledges for 2015… of which I consider to be both very healthy and extremely personal.

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Meet the Newsmaker: Deirdre Flynn

How has the industry evolved since the last show in Orlando?
The 2015 show has a greater emphasis on new product development that leads to energy efficiency, labor savings, and greater efficiency – all good news for the industry.

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Where’s Hot in 2015

One of the great retail truisms is that stores tend to open in packs – once one pioneers an area, others follow, and you have a great new shopping district. The same is true of dining. The result: burgeoning food scenes in a number of neighborhoods around the city. Some are established, but experiencing changes; others are becoming more specialized, but the trends are definitely in downtown Manhattan and haute hipster haven, Williamsburg!

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2014 Year End Recap

Whenever the end of the year comes around, it seems to whizz by. Usually, we see Halloween and think about carving pumpkins and costumes and the next thing you see are Christmas trees with all the fixings.

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Staying Safe on the Job:  Going Beyond OSHA

It's estimated that for every dollar spent in workers' compensation claims, an employer will pay out four to 10 times that in indirect costs due to lost productivity resulting from supervisors leaving their post to investigate the case, other employees driving the injured to the doctor, lost revenue of the injured worker and more.

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Millennials, the Industry’s Growing Customer Base

Like most people, I find myself reading more and more about Millennials and their impact on the economy, including the foodservice industry. Just who are they? They are those persons born between the years 1982 and 2004.

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