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Restaurant Industry Changes To Face In 2016

As we ring in 2016, there are some big changes facing the restaurant industry.

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Why You Should Be Using Periscope In Your Restaurant Right Now

While I won’t debate the need for social media, the sheer volume and number of options seemingly needed in order to stay relevant must seem completely overwhelming. So you’ve hired someone called a “social media expert” but really aren’t they just “following” the crowd and posting the same type of content in the same places that everyone else is?

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TouchBistro Debuts New Enhancement To Enable Restaurateurs To Unleash Power Of New iPad Pro

How do you think customers feel when their orders are taken painlessly, their meals are delivered effortlessly and their entire dining experience is enhanced by relaxed, confident waitstaff?

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Fabulous Food Hall Round Up

Six food halls have opened in the past five years in Manhattan...

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2016 Wine Resolutions

Every New Year we make resolutions—to lose weight, find work-life balance or maybe to expand our business. Given this fresh start it might be time to set some “Wine Resolutions” for your restaurant or hospitality business.

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Water Is Not Something We Think About

Clean, refreshing water, free of bacteria and viruses. That’s what we want and we take it for granted that it will always be there.  But restaurant owners have to work to make sure their water is clean, safe and good tasting for customers.

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Is Your Restaurant Bulletproof Against Costly ACA Compliance Penalties?

Employee benefits are a top five expense for businesses across all industries. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) is about to make cost management even more challenging. In light of the King v. Burwell Supreme Court decision, looming PPACA deadlines for IRS reporting, the Employer Mandate and the Cadillac Tax will debut as planned.

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These Are The Drinks You’ve Been Looking For

Certainly by the end of the year I’ve become a bit jaded on what I consider to be trends for the following year.  Everyone wants to know what the “next best thing” is… Or what it’s going to be tomorrow, next week or in the coming months.

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“Find Something You Are Passionate About And Keep Tremendously Interested In It.” ~ Julia Child

Twelve months ago I took to this column to profess my 2015 New Year’s Resolutions.

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For Lifting Holiday Spirits, Cider Bears Fruit

Although craft beer’s growth in the U.S. has risen faster than the head on a glass of Guinness, no cider scene is expanding faster than New York’s.

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