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The Importance of Your Digits

The hand and the fingers are important in setting us apart from animals. The thumb is the most important digit that does this because of the opposition that is created (the ability of the thumb to touch the other fingers individually).

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Incognito Bistro

Incognito Bistro. I had never heard of it. With the number of NYC restaurants, it would not be uncommon to not have heard of it unless you were in the know…. And it’s ’incognito’ after all…

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Voluntary Benefits Are Now Necessary Benefits: Providing More Options to Employees Without Increasing Your Costs

Your restaurant’s most valuable assets are your employees. And your largest expense? Most likely, also your employees.

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Club Managers Face Change On The Plate

Every season has an opening day. For many in  the Northeast it is presumed that Memorial day is the start of the summer season.

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Maximize Your Efficiency

While new infrastructure is sometimes expensive like natural gas fired stand-alone boilers, or alternate generation sources.  Efficiency doesn’t always require a major financial outlay.

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Responding to Changing Times

In 1965, a woman from Phoenix walked into the New York City office of the New York State Restaurant Association to discuss the idea of no-smoking sections in restaurants.

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Zing Zang

Zing Zang is an uncommon name for a most delicious Bloody Mary mix. Even without the bright green label and their name emblazoned boldly upon it, this is seriously good stuff, worthy of your most expensive vodka, gin or tequila.

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Wine Accessories That Let Your Wine Breathe!

In the world of wine it seems it’s all about the accessories—fancy wine glasses, ice buckets and ornate bottle stoppers to name a few.

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TFS Stirred, not Shaken Please!

I initially started working in the restaurant industry because of Chef Wylie Dufresne. I was introduced to him by his previous Pastry Chef, Sam Mason. One night when I shook Wylie’s hand, I noticed his tennis elbow brace and demonstrated a move that helps unload the tension in the elbow by mobilizing a joint. We have been friends ever since.

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March Metro New York Mixology

Roll up… Roll up for the Mystery Tour croons John Lennon… And on this sweet note and closely approaching cold front from the west, my palate quickens and my thirst becomes ever present.

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