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Chefs Work Out

It’s never fun to work in a room without windows but a lot of restaurants in NYC have pastry downstairs or whatever other stations needed down below.  That means lots of flights of stairs and essentially, you are doing the Stairmaster machine at work.

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What is Your Food Safety Culture?

One responsibility of a food service operator along with maintaining food quality, service standards and controlling labor and food costs, is to serve safe food. How is it done consistently on a daily basis at a level that gives you comfort? Are the behaviors & habits of your employees regarding food safety at the same or higher level as their upselling?

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Waiter, There Is Someone Drinking My Wine!

Have you ever ordered a bottle of wine and seen the sommelier take the first sip? In some fine dining establishments this is common practice and in others the diner is the one that evaluates the first taste.

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Metro New York Mixology

Have you ever been down South? If you have, would you say that you’ve been there in the summer?

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Eating Out or Cooking!

Whether you like to cook, one does not have time, your thinking is it's cheaper to cook your own meal or not, or you must eat healthy. The choice is yours.

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Unintended Consequences & the Shrinking Senior Market

“Unintended consequence” is a term of recent vintage. Simply put, it means being impacted by an action, invariably in the negative, directed at someone else. The following observations are, to me, classic and damaging examples of this term. It is sometimes called collateral damage.

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Rethink Rosé

No wine seems more misunderstood or mistreated than Rosé. In the red and white world of wine it seems there is no room for pink.

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Spring Wines from Loire

If you are looking to spruce up your wine list for spring, you definitely want to consider the wines of the Loire Valley.

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Arthritis, In the Kitchen?

The restaurant industry is a tough business.  You see the desire to get into high end restaurants, the contacts you need to get a reservation, that dreamy look when a customer has tasted something amazing and then the praise and acclaim the chef gets. ‘That was amazing! How did you do that? The flavors were incredible!’ Maybe the chef has been on TV or has a book deal in the works. You want to be that chef, don’t you?

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Smile, Your Restaurant Is On Camera

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and that is especially true in the restaurant business.

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