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Blow a Disc

Working in the kitchen takes muscles. Holding a vegetable in the grinder, rolling out dough, lifting slabs of meat, bundles of veggies, or carrying them all in your stock pot; it can really take its toll.

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Have You Thought of Banning Kids? …Think Again

About two years ago I informed my readers that a restaurant in Pennsylvania had banned children less than six years of age. My first reaction was, “Here we go again.” Let me refresh your memory.

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Is It Safe?

In the classic 70s movie Marathon Man, the character Dr. Christian Szell, the Nazi war criminal played so menacingly by Sir Lawrence Olivier, continually asks the film’s lead character, played by Dustin Hoffman “Is it safe?

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Protect Your Restaurant Against Employment Practices Liability Exposures

Like all companies, restaurants are vulnerable to claims brought by their employees, former employees or potential employees.

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Long Island Based Firm Brings Restaurant-Centric Payroll Service to Tri-State OP’s

According to Michael Busch, President of Valiant Solutions, it’s imperative, with all the payroll and human resource compliance issues in the hospitality industry, that restaurants stay ahead of the curve in dealing with them.

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Finding Money for Improvements Fast

How Venture Cash Advance provides capital advances to help restaurants reach their business goals.

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Online Ordering, Should You Take the Plunge?

Restaurants are always looking to reduce costs, especially on food and labor. Traditionally, employing new technologies to solve age old problems has been an excellent avenue to accomplish this while adding consistency in quality and lowering costs.

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Sake for Summer: Japan’s Gift to Good Libations

If a contest were held to crown the unsung hero of beverages, sake would no doubt land on top. It’s an alcoholic beverage that is widely misunderstood but yet it possesses a sophistication and elegance that far too few have yet to discover. Sake suffers from a handful of myths and misunderstandings.

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The Board of Health

Retail Food Establishment Permits- Getting one and keeping one.

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You Have The Concept, Now You Need A Location

Whether you like being an entrepreneur or not, opening your first restaurant, bar or bakery business can come with a huge learning curve, if you have never done it before.  Some say opening your first place of business is like studying to get your MBA, but with a greater risk of failure.

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