Chris Freeman, Imperial Bag & Paper Co. LLC

Can you share some of the history of Imperial Bag and Paper with our readers?

Imperial Bag & Paper Co., LLC has been in business for 81 years.

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Andrew Whitcomb, Chef, Colonie NYC

Chef Andrew Whitcomb began cooking at the age of thirteen in the kitchens of his hometown in Maine.

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Patrice Vassell, Pastry Sous Chef at Telepan Restaurant, NYC

One of Patrice’s earliest memories is making chocolate chip cookies with her grandmother. That is still one of her favorite things to make today.

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Taste Envy Reinvigorates Menu Design As Part Of Integrated Branding Strategy

Nadine Stellavato Brown thinks it’s time to stop looking at menus as things that tell what dishes you serve, and as a way to start building your brand.

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Emma Bengtsson, Executive Chef at Aquavit, NYC

Bengtsson grew up in a small town on the west coast of Sweden and became interested in the culinary arts at a very young age, thanks to her grandmother, who was an avid home cook.

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Tobias and Michelle Glienke, co-founders, Munk Pack

From their corporate lives to their camping adventures, Connecticut-based Munk Pack co-founders, Tobias and Michelle Glienke, were always looking for portable, healthy, great tasting foods.

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Fred Bonaccorso, President, M. Tucker

How did you get started in the business?

I actually began my career in the publishing business, with Reuben H. Donnelley, on the street carrying the bag, selling advertising to small- and medium-sized companies on the streets of Manhattan and the boroughs to restaurants and catering establishments.

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Chef CJ Reycraft and Julianne Hodges

AMUSE, Westfield, NJ

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Meet The Newsmaker: Tony Mangano

How do you turn a plain old trade show into the experience of a lifetime?  Tony Mangano and his peers at HX, formerly the International Motel Hotel Restaurant Show, are getting ready to show the food service and hospitality world, how to do just that.

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Chef Wilo Benet

Owner of Pikayo, Varita and Paya restaurants in Puerto Rico

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