Leland Avellino, Chef, Dinosaur Bar-B-Que, Stamford, CT

"BBQ is more than just food, it’s a lifestyle and culture that you can feel when you walk into our restaurants."

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Q&A Tom Colicchio

Head Judge on Bravo’s Top Chef, and President & Executive Chef, Crafted Hospitality

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Chef Adam Roytham and Joe Farrell, Rothbard Ale + Larder, Westport, CT

Co-owners Joe Farrell and Chef Adam Roytman of Black Rock, CT’s widely successful Walrus + Carpenter have brought new European fare to Westport, CT with the duo’s second restaurant.

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Roxanne Spruance, Executive Chef & Co-Owner, Kingsley

Roxanne Spruance can’t entirely give her family credit for her choice of career.  But she admits that she comes from two sets of grandparents who are terrible cooks.

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Q&A Chazz Palminteri

As a child, was there someone in your family who spurred your interest in food and cooking?
I’m Italian. I mean, cooking and food was constantly going on in our kitchen. The table, the kitchen, is like a temple.  That’s where everybody meets.

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Chris Freeman, Imperial Bag & Paper Co. LLC

Can you share some of the history of Imperial Bag and Paper with our readers?

Imperial Bag & Paper Co., LLC has been in business for 81 years.

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Andrew Whitcomb, Chef, Colonie NYC

Chef Andrew Whitcomb began cooking at the age of thirteen in the kitchens of his hometown in Maine.

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Q&A Drew Nieporent

How did you get into the business?

My mother was a child actress, then in radio and theater.  My father worked as an attorney for the New York State Liquor Authority licensing restaurants so he was friendly with some of the most iconic restaurateurs of the ‘60s.  I was exposed to every nationality as a kid.  I was exposed to restaurants very very early.

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Patrice Vassell, Pastry Sous Chef at Telepan Restaurant, NYC

One of Patrice’s earliest memories is making chocolate chip cookies with her grandmother. That is still one of her favorite things to make today.

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Q&A Alex Guarnaschelli

You grew up as the daughter of a cookbook editor - What impact did that have on what you have become?

I won’t say that growing up with my mother made me turn into a chef. It’s more that I grew up in a house where there was always cooking going on.

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