Q&A Jonathan Wright

Jonathan Wright has been appointed Executive Chef of Rainbow Room. Lauded for his ability to command a kitchen and execute a wide range of cuisines, Chef Wright brings more than 20 years of international culinary experience to the iconic New York venue.

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Q&A Mark Grossich

Mark Grossich has had many careers. He ran a chain of newspapers.  He ran a modeling agency.  An ad agency, a PR company.  The list goes on and on.

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Q&A Sabrina Capannola

Sabrina Capanola likes to tell this story. "If you find somebody who's 18 and knows what it is they want to do with their life, could you please have them call me?

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Q&A Ahmass Fakahany & Chef Michael White

Brick by brick they built the Altamarea Group with a shared vision to create restaurant brands that are distinct in concept but united in delivering unsurpassed quality and outstanding service. Total Food sat down with Ahmass to discuss Altamarea Group's beginning and future.

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Q&A Willie Degel

Owner of Uncle Jack's Steak House, this thriving, hard-driving business manager, and sometime chef, loves his life, and though he never stops thinking about it, not even for a minute, he's proud that he can claim one of New York's most popular steak house chains as his very own.

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Michael Lomonaco

Michael Lomonaco thought he'd take the elevator up to his office but he really needed to get his glasses repaired so, a little after 8 on a sunny September morning, he went down to the optical shop in the lobby. It was a fateful decision for the noted American chef/director at the time, restaurateur and TV personality.

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Guy Lombardi

As they say, “there’s nothing like mama’s cooking”, and Guy Lombardi knows this first hand. Growing up in Avellino, Italy, Guy was spoiled by his mother’s traditional Italian cooking. At a young age he was exposed to all aspects of the kitchen, helping his mother as much as he could, igniting the passion that has led to the Lombardi Empire that stands today.

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Q&A Eric Marx

Not many restaurant operators start out by cooking in high school but for Eric Marx, that was the way to go. Now running two high-profile restaurants, Monarch and Gilded Lily, and the Wayfarer, Marx is knee-deep in everything food, and loving every minute of it.

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Timothy Rooney Jr.

When Yonkers Raceway fell on hard times, the Rooney family came up with the idea to add a casino, as it had been doing in Pittsburgh and other places. In the beginning, the family didn’t focus too much on food and beverage, knowing that most of the people coming to the Empire City Casino were there just for the gaming.

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Q&A Robert Kasara

How did you get into the industry?
By chance, I literally started working as a receptionist in 1977 at the Larchmont Yacht Club and worked there through college right through my time at Arizona State. I progressed and ended up being the Maitre d' and Captain. To tell you the truth I grew up in very modest means and I though that if I worked at a club I would learn how people of wealth and successful means were made and that it would rub off on me and with that would come the key to wealth.

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